Corporate Fashion

The new series of CORPORATE FASHION (Clothes and Work Uniforms) ofJACQUES HERMES, is a result of the long experience and knowledge that the company has acquired in the manufacture of clothing and related items.

After listening carefully to our customer and understanding exactly his needs, we design and propose solutions that meet all his requirements.Our great advantage is the presentation of the idea, in electronic form, so that the customer understands and sees our proposal.Thus we "help" to properly complete the corporate identity and image of the customer.

Her Corporate Fashion departmentJACQUES HERMES, is addressed to almost all business sectors, which need an organized corporate image.The size of the customer and the "volume" of the project is not an obstacle to his satisfaction, as we undertake to process both small and large orders.

The qualities of the materials we use are tested and meet all modern quality and safety standards.Many of the CUSTOM MADE applications that we are called to carry out, require the use of materials with special specifications, which in collaboration with the best European companies, we offer excellent products.