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UNIFORMS Series - Work Uniforms and Trousers of the category CORPORATE FASHION (Work Clothes and Uniforms) of JACQUES HERMES, is a result of the long experience and knowledge that the company has acquired, in the manufacture of clothes with specific specifications.
In addition to the models we propose, there is the possibility of manufacturing models on request and special design, according to customer needs.Variations in the way of construction, such as the great variety in the pockets (eg for pens, tools, portable electronic devices, etc.) or the many decorative interventions (rails, prints, logo embroidery, etc.), the length and width of the Form, the use other materials and fabrics for special uses.
The qualities of the materials we use are tested and meet all modern quality and safety standards.Many of the CUSTOM MADE applications that we are called to carry out, require the use of materials with special specifications, which in collaboration with the best European companies, we offer excellent products. 

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